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Poetry fragments of thoughts, ideas, and observations. A look into internal versus external worlds.
Do you know anything about a peregrine falcon? Have you ever heard of one? In this writing, I will tell you as much as I know about peregrine falcons from research.
Modernization makes city's population increasing year by year. The rural people tend to consider to migrate to live in the city. Whether living in the city is most favorable?
This is a poem about life and love in the big city, and no matter city it is the story seems to stay the same...Winners and losers out playing in that ancient game of love and lace and that time of night when the traffic lights regulate nothing.
Felipe learns more about St. John's and City Life. We learn more about Jordan.
Jordan tells Felipe about his being bullied at school and his having no close friends. The cousins take a bus ride downtown.
You are all alone. Its Friday night and world outside your door begins to come alive in a spinning dance. The old primal hunt has begun.
Now the city moves salient. Day things alter into moon shadows and within each echoed movement comes the spinning dance of city lights beckoning all to the hallowed halls.
How interdependent are farmers and consumers? This page takes a little time to show the connection and interdependence of the people who grow the food with the people who consume the food.
Life in the cities remains a dream and yet a stark reality to be lived for all of us.
This article is the comparison of Village life and City Life
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