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A few things people may not know about the black history that was never published in the school books. If they were, I would have known about it. I read part of a story today that enlightened me on my own history -- black history.
Driving-or-shopping-while-black doesn't happen to white folks, but we have eyes and mouths. In light of all the newsworthy events of late from Ferguson, MO, to Cleveland, OH, to Staten Island NY and beyond, it's too damn bad we don't speak up more often. WE'VE GOTTA START DOING THIS...
If you're looking for a film set during the Civil Rights Movement, look no further than "The Long Walk Home." You may be surprised at what you'll learn from seeing it (because very few folks did during it's initial release).
Both my husband and I have each raised a family in a straight married unit. We are now married to each other and true to our nature in a same-sex relationship. Why does our legal status as a family unit depend on the whim of the voters of the state in which we happen to currently re...
Even in these enlightened times, it is still not safe for Wiccans to be public about their beliefs in the United Sates. There are laws protecting all religious beliefs, but they are often ignored by individuals, even communities, who generally bank on the fact that religious discrimin...
While there are inherent differences in the Middle East from a decade, this author is afraid of a being the Lone Ranger again despite the fact that the bad guy doesn't meet Western standards.
The trial of Bradley Manning is not only important in terms of how far the government can go to muzzle whistle blowing, it is also critical in terms of whether the civil liberties of our nation's citizens will be protected or further eroded.
Trapped in the servatude of humanity and the ethics of religion and sanctity of that right for truth and justice, What is the American Way?
Unfortunately, the reactions by both the mainstream media and government officials to the explosions at the Boston Marathon were predictable.
Arizona high school students may soon have to take a loyalty oath to graduate high school, if some Tea Party Republican state legislators have their way.
We are not as free as we might think. The government is monitoring us through our use of social media.
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