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Some say one soul can distribute itself into different bodies. Perhaps souls communicate with one another through photographs. Maybe they can also share "Aha!" moments, moments of deep understanding, excitement or pleasure. What if we could connect with any historical figure in wikipe...
Today we look at one of the most influential women during the civil rights movements. We will briefly look at the life of Rosa Parks
While we celebrate the events of fifty years ago which paved the way for the historic signing of the Voting Rights Act, we must also lament the fact that regressive forces are now reascending in America.
A few things people may not know about the black history that was never published in the school books. If they were, I would have known about it. I read part of a story today that enlightened me on my own history -- black history.
Driving-or-shopping-while-black doesn't happen to white folks, but we have eyes and mouths. In light of all the newsworthy events of late from Ferguson, MO, to Cleveland, OH, to Staten Island NY and beyond, it's too damn bad we don't speak up more often. WE'VE GOTTA START DOING THIS...
We take a look at the life and times of the most extraordinary First Lady in American history, Eleanor Roosevelt
We hear of so much senseless violence on the news that it's easy to think that looting, thuggery and even murder is a sign of the times--but is it, really: pilliage and plunder, after all, have ancient antecedents.
It seems to this observer that Jim Crow is very much alive and well in America. How far have we really come since Martin Luther King, Jr. led the battle for civil rights?
We have lost a great lady, to whom no tribute will suffice to account for her greatness as an author, a poet, a civil rights leader, and a person.
This is my personal review on a book that I love and hope you will love too by the name of "Soul on Ice" by Eldridge Cleaver.
The internet hipsters of politics reflect on a bygone era as old memes and quotes are recycled by the very people they were flung at.
If you're looking for a film set during the Civil Rights Movement, look no further than "The Long Walk Home." You may be surprised at what you'll learn from seeing it (because very few folks did during it's initial release).
Both my husband and I have each raised a family in a straight married unit. We are now married to each other and true to our nature in a same-sex relationship. Why does our legal status as a family unit depend on the whim of the voters of the state in which we happen to currently re...
Even in these enlightened times, it is still not safe for Wiccans to be public about their beliefs in the United Sates. There are laws protecting all religious beliefs, but they are often ignored by individuals, even communities, who generally bank on the fact that religious discrimin...
The wisdom of the words Dr. Martin Luther King is worth revisiting on the fiftieth anniversary of the March on Washington.
We need to guide about civil defence training of our child because today is not save. We must teach the some cases of the defence training. And create your goal.
Edward Snowden is thought by the majority of the American people to be a courageous whistleblower, but the Obama administration views him as a traitor.
A personal opinion piece, based on my own experience as a latter day migrant to the "New world" country, America.
Trapped in the servatude of humanity and the ethics of religion and sanctity of that right for truth and justice, What is the American Way?
An essay discussing whether or not the UK should have a Bill of Rights, a very current debate as many feel our government threatens our human rights.
As America's reputation as a just and civil society continues to suffer great damage for its actions at Guantanimo, it is time to sign a petition to close the facility.
A unique celebration spontaneously erupted in New Zealand's Parliament after gay marriage was legalized.
This is a contrast of human civilization and deeds we are doing indeed.
In Michigan, a female legislator was silenced by the Republican leadership for using a word that scared them. Little did the Republicans imagine the response.
Governments are cracking down and interfering with the people's right to know. This is a frightening development which should concern all of us who value democracy.
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