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Trying new and natural cleaning solutions is something very popular nowadays. Many people ditch the chemical cleaning products sold by the stores and start preparing their own. Here are 4 natural oven cleaners and recipes, which are worth trying.
Today has been rainy and I've been stuck inside as the outside temperatures dropped.
It has been several days, and I've written several nice pieces, I hope you will enjoy.
What can we do with a tube of toothpaste? We can only use it for brushing our teeth? Well…… not really! Read this article and you will discover six unbelievable ways to use your toothpaste!
A page about the wonders of a daily routine and tips to help busy families
In this article, I discuss the various cleaning solutions available for different flooring types, ranging from tile to vinyl and concrete floors.
It's sometimes hard to make a move, even one you know is best for you, when others don't understand. I made a decision to divorce after 28 years of marriage. Family, friends and church members questioned my decision, my faith, even my sanity. All I know is that I am finally at peace a...
As I'm staring out into space, I can't help but think about how overwhelmed I am with the project at hand, but I know once I complete it, I will feel a lot better and a sense of accomplishment. Our daily lives have become so busy, it's hard to try and even imagine cleaning. Here are a...
Spring is that time of year that a lot of us love, but we also dread it because of so much work to do, cleaning inside your home.
Hints & tips on more cost effective methods for household cleaning.
A look at what role water plays in our lives. From the role of cleaning the atmosphere to cleasning our skins, this also looks at how water makes this author feel. It explains how powerful, yet also gentle water can be, It is more intended for the individuals who take water for grante...
The health and welfare of the baby, and through its food, is also achieved through good hygiene. If the baby is clean, this is much more relaxed and peaceful and much happier. All care is just for our baby is happy, relaxed and happy.
Maintain neat your baby's face is not easy. True, it is something simple clean it when it has traces of milk, mash or puree, but what happens if you get up with bleary eyes? or do you have mucus? or do you have earaches? These are parts that appear more sensitive and, without doubt, g...
Cleaning is one of the most essential things we need to do daily in our homes. A clean house is important for the health and well-being of your entire family. As we all know a dirty house is a germy house, and to ensure that your family is safe from all kind of diseases and infection ...
This page is about keeping our house and environment in a clean manner
A poem about how I absolutely hate house cleaning - you just get done and it has to be started all over again. What is the use!
Read on to find out how my Sundays are well spent...
A few little tips on household chores, just to make it easier.
There are chemicals and processes that can make urine odors and stains disappear.
Make your own simple and cheap shampoo and conditioner. Reduce chemicals you use on your body, save money, and keep your shower clean at the same time!! Even works on oily and dandruff prone hair.
When you clean out your home you may have several items that you don't need that are in good repair. It is easy to donate these items to a charity for families that are in need.
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