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Poems on two different men-one an interesting chatterbox and other a clever trickster
This poem is about certain people in my life I do almost anything for but they show nothing in return but ignorance
There will never be another comedian like Bob Monkhouse, and this is why.
Long times ago folk tales were told mostly for adults and not for children. Fairy tales are still certain ways of initiation. The following tale is for women teaching them how to be wise enough to rule all sorts of situations a woman might get into. And it is the tale of all persons b...
Another look at the fairy tale "Tortoise and the Ducks". It means something else if you just read it again.
As the title implies, this one is for loverme, a fellow Wikinut poet who has come to be a dear friend to many of us. Loverme wrote one for me, so I thought it only fair that I do her/him the same kindness :)
If you work in retail you most likely have heard the phrase “I cannot see the Price, it must be free!”. Why do retail workers hate this expression so much? Read further and find out why.
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