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On a singer's death and on the even sadder death of a popular cafe.
For anyone who has been dumped, had their heart broken and been forgotten. You're better than this. If they choose to leave you behind then they aren't worth your tears. So, go on and open your heart. Don't be may just find your best friend.
Recently the Yahoo Contributor Network has closed (as has some other writing sites) and many writers have sought out a new home, finding Wikinut there are some things the new contributor should know in order to get the best out of the site.
A poem written by me about the elusiveness of time and closure.
This is bascially about getting back with a ex from a past relationship. There are limits you should set. And boundaries that you should be aware of before complicating a past relationship with your ex into a maybe mistake. There is a difference between starting over and a fresh ne...
There are many people in our prisons who have committed terrible crimes, and most of them seem to have come from a disturbed background. But what about the ones who have no clear reason for it? Read on to find out more.
Short poem rooted in sorrow which helped me close the book on a certain aspect of my life.
There is just something about walking into a Bookshop...The atmosphere, the coloured bindings, the love of browsing and most of all, reading...Yet today, with our recent upsurge in E-Books, it could all very well be under threat....
We all suffer from pangs of conscience, but sometimes we should not feel guilty.
~My youngest son of twenty-three years returned to California with me to spend a few days visiting. Momma was with us in her plastic bag in the black plastic box with the lid that will never close~
Two short poems about closure, carrying through, and eventually, starting over.
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