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Why you should shift to cloud computing? In article you will find important points of shifting to cloud.
Most people don't like getting caught in the rain, but as a young boy I used to love it. Things are different when it's raining and people do strange things. So this prose is a snapshot of a boy watching people and things when it's raining.
Before leaving their encampment near Mount Sinai Moses instructs the children of Israel in all that God had taught him.
God calls Moses up into the mountain where he remains for forty days and forty nights. Meanwhile the people below get restless.
I am a big fan of the Amazon Music Player. In this extensive guide, I will go over the steps to setup your Amazon music cloud library, as well as benefits to using the music player.
New Zealand based designer Richard Clarkson developed a Thunder cloud lamp light like cloud with lighting and thunder except rain. The cloud based light have audio visual and worked on Bluetooth device basis.
OneDrive creators, Microsoft, have initiated a new promotional offer where they have offered up to 100GB of free storage on their cloud storage OneDrive. This article provides all the details you should have to take advantage of this offer from Microsoft.
My clouds come along my way This is my first attempt at posting printed cloudy poetry
Perception the third Today seems to be a day of perceptions only As I read your poetry My mind becomes clear of your feelings dear...
we should remember that life is a broken-winged bird ,life is a barren field frozen with snow. so hold fast to dream, if dreams go away, it's true and we feel always. this is the realization of a great poet "Langston Hughes". my poem is written on the basis of poem " dreams" of "Langs...
"I saw petals of roses plucked and wither A flower basket behold an empty heart" -------------------------------------------------- dreams are floating on autumnal cloud, she is wandering far away, i am plucking flowers and perches into a flower basket, waiting and waiting on a full m...
The clouds roll along....I have started getting a kick ..composing You Tube music Hope some day some one will a You Tube of these make
An ode to my grandfather who was one of the most knowledgeable person I met on the earth.
Do you have that something or someone you want to take picture of? Well... you were like me few weeks ago before I discover that it's fun to make photography a hobby.
Teardrops in the blue eyes are similar to rain showers. Laughter runs across the pain. It slips away and comes again.The dark rain clouds upon a mountain is a joy forever. A joy of expectation is like a Joy like a cloud.Sometimes silver, sometimes gray. Joy is like a cloud. Joy is lik...
Article about mutual connection between social media and cloud computing technologies.
Sometimes it's good to hit the "pause" button in your life and find some time to listen to your inner child.
In this world..somethings seems to be very beautiful like...a flower,a butterfly,the rain,a plant,a baby...All these beautiful things come out into this world after hard transformation..Beautiful things take some time and patience to be expressed...So let us all learn from nature the ...
Can love be like a big cloud burst from the sky all over your life or is it just a silly wet dream?...
Microsoft Skydrive is a free* (limited) file hosting service that allows users with a Microsoft Account to upload files to the Skydrive cloud and then access them through a web browser in different devices. Although there are other technologies which give this service I think Skydrive...
Cloud technology has become the new platform of services. In this page i just tried to show some reason.
Just a short poem about the weather leading up to Christmas. It`s what sometimes happens but not always as Christmas is normally thought of
Installation of art in the fresh air is truly more inspiring then art locked up in the museum, Outside Installation give a wider viewing angle to viewers.
The moon is a blessing to the earth dwellers. Is its smile a façade?
"An angel was elated soared above the ground, on a stifling populated city he looked down..."
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