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What a magical night to be alive! The music was truly mesmerizing...
If we don't eat pork, it doesn't mean we must kill all the pigs on this planet. Do I need to elaborate?
Since the dawn of civilization, warriors have fought each other to prove their worth. Spectators gather in large arenas to watch these warriors fighting. At Wrinkle-Crown such an event takes place annually where the winner gets a huge plate for his dinner table.
A young man goes to a club, fails to drown his problems in alcohol, and then makes some bad decisions. Hilarity ensues. This is another project I want to give out to anyone who wants to use it. Please, if you do like it and want to do something with it, just include me- Aaron Dennis -...
The Yeshwant Club is a important club in Central India. It was started by the Holkars and I am a member.
A poem about being in a relationship that people don't know about until something drives the person to share the secret
This page addresses the sometimes complex and difficult questions parents need to ask themselves when dealing with older children. In particular, some parents experience difficulty when dealing with teens. It takes a look at how to deal with various aspects of teenagers' development a...
Inside the stadium there was excitement on the field, and drama on the terraces.
It is lovely being a member of a club, read on my friends......
This a story of a small restaurant which became a club for displaced white people from many countries.
This page reviews the benefits of playing the Lottery in a Syndicate - does the better chance of winning outweigh the downside of winning less money in the case of a large Jackpot win ?
This was delivered for the inaugural speech... I wrote this the night before the date of delivery...
Looking for a night out in New Orleans? Well here are just a few examples of where you can go to party.
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