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A humorous account of paranoia and forgetfulness involving a borrowed Sharpie
Here are some important things to focus on when working in a sales-focused call center:
There is nothing more annoying than someone who believes they are privileged enough to keep the rest of us waiting...
So many times we in life we try our best only to find that our best once again is not good enough for those who think they are in charge. These are the frustrated ramblings because death by bear handed strangulation is a jail-able offense.
This article talks about my recent homecoming to my native country Philippines, the time I spent with family and friends, and the reason why I keep coming back.
Boredom is such an immortal enemy of a working person especially when the idea of being unproductive comes along the way. Hope this boredom article will help boost your working relationship with your co-workers, and help find your job more interesting
Being competitive in the workplace could cost you a lot if you are not careful. In order to prevent the worst from happening, you need to understand what exactly happens when you become competitive in the workplace.
We all have been there - learn how to make it easier to work in a negative environment
Can't decide whether or not to set up a Facebook page for yourself? Check out the pros and cons.
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