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Elizabeth, Pennsylvania was named after Elizabeth Mackay Bayard, the wife of Colonel Stephen Bayard, who along with Elizabeth's brother, Samuel Mackay, founded the town in 1787.
Lincoln Way at first glance gives the feel of being dark and diabolical. The ugly ruins and debris make the entire neighborhood an eyesore and the perfect location for any red eyed beast to call home. Rumors concerning the abandoned and haunting neighborhood have resulted in many para...
To complete one's self. That battle of love and war in the soul.
I am saddened and shocked the miners in Turkey were neddlessly killed by an explosion in Soma mine. These deaths should never have happened and we need to stand together and tell the industry in countries like Turkey, China, Romania, and others that there is no amount of coal worth a...
Remembering stories of the pit ponies of Wales fired my imagination to say a little about the special relationship they had with the mine workers and how they helped the valleys to prosper in the days of coal production.
This poem was first written as an assignment in a poetry course. Denniston is the only underground coal mine in NZ. An overseas mining company has petitioned the government to re-open the mine. Although permission has been granted to this company, the sides for and against still ar...
An essay explaining the growing need for cleaner energy globally.
At first, the team of geologist was drilling a site to looking for gas in Darvas, Uzbekistan but accidentally they found a massive underground cavern that was filled with gas. The hole where they drilled now keeps burning nonstop because of the gas.
Environmentalists are not scoring many victories these days, but a court decision this week gives pause to cheer a bit.
As the Ashby Canal is filled in a man stands by what's left of the old canal. As the workmen slowly fill the twenty-six miles of this once importantant transportation waterway, they are not just stealing social history, they are stealing my precious past. (The man did not know the can...
My trip "Up North" to the land of the Haggis, Kilts Cabers and the World Porridge Making Championships
Another in my "Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom" series, after the war Britain needed a Prime Minster to bring it back from the brink, Enter Clement Attlee.
One of the most important searches being carried on by scientists is for new sources of energy. It’s not just that they want to find cheaper and more efficient sources of energy to do the work of the world, it’s also because some of the natural sources we now have will eventually ...
With no support for their agenda, big coal pays people to pretend support.
The people of Appalachia are powerless in the face of Massey Coal Company's illegal practices.
Bangladesh has limited natural resources, which are not planned or managed optimally, again the vested interest groups are lurking in the horizon for their own interests!
Coal and Charcoal are non renewable fuels which makes them not environment friendly. The following are the some of the differences between Coal and Charcoal given below.
This poem took me about two weeks to get right. Other versions of this poem were created but I didn't have the correct tone of the poem in order for it to flow. I tried as much as I could to bring it from its lifeless form. Comments are open.
~ like our ancestors ~ the indians ~ we share a fear of sex ~ Jim Morrison ~ woe unto him that harbors wildernesses ~ Nietzsche ~ I have stayed in jail & I have stayed stupid ~ Charles Manson ~ the dear names that lie concealed within ‘t ~ Poe ~ suicide clouds ~ we eat ourselves ~ ...
Memories of the steam train passing by my bedroom window as a boy, living in a mining town in South Wales,
About a lost kitten who turned into a giant with a true basis and some fiction added. Covers the lifespan of the cat.
The case for nuclear power and why Three Mile Island and Chernobyl shouldn't matter.
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