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The Yardstick of Creation! A Compulsive Disorder Which Stretches Throughout Religions and Centuries
The scientists discovered the reason behind the capacity of cockroach lives within the cruel conditions and why it is difficult to kill or eliminate it completely. Scientists say they have discovered certain genes allow Roach Motel by anything, including the poisonous dining and par...
Insects and rodents are pests we can do without, but let us take a humorous look into their lives and see how they feel about humans too.
Once cockroaches inhabit a place, it becomes a nightmare to share the space with them, they are tough survivors and it takes a lot of effort to get rid of them. Boric acid is however very effective.
A crazy Florida man was recently busted by the cops for obtaining 500 cockroaches illegally from the internet; Read more....
Cockroaches are everywhere.. and they do carry dangerous diseases.Read this for more information.
According to a new study conducted at the University of Nottingham's School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, chemicals found in the brain and central nervous tissues of cockroaches are able to kill 90 percent of dangerous bacteria in lab-based tests. Who would have thought that?
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