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From the oils to nutrients that we can get from natural sources, you would be amazed at the many benefits our hair, skin and basically our entire bodies can get from taking the time to nurture and treat our bodies the natural way.
Coconut sprout has been a royal food which only the royal people could eat. Ayurveda, the ancient medicinal system of the east, has been using this part of coconut in many tonic medications.
Homemade delightful Filipino Style Coconut Macaroons that are moist, sweet and chewy on the inside yet crispy on the outside is an irresistible thing. Gluten free and is a favorite food during Passover.
Dining in the Hamptons has never held so much allure for those that enjoy a unique evening filled with romance, intrigue, mystery and paranormal activity. The welcoming demeanor that emanates from the staff gives guests a hint as to what they can expect while sipping from a chilled gl...
Coconut is a very useful ingredient in home remedies and can be used along with other medicines in the early stages of a disease.
Snacking when on a diet restricted due to allergies or attempted weight loss is difficult at the best of times let alone for someone who loves chocolate and sweet snacks. These two sweet snack recipes are free of simple sugars, wheat, dairy, and eggs so they are appropriate for most r...
Pour one cup boiling water over the grated coconut and squeeze out the milk. Repeat with a second cup of boiling water. Keep this milk aside.
The recipe for coconut chutney is very simple and you can make it within 15 minutes. It goes well with idli or dosa or pesarattu. You can also eat it with hot rice and ghee. Just yummy.
short story of a kid names Johnny he loves trees and nature,but one morning while he was sleeping...
Sri Lanks’s ancient cities, Buddhist remnants and natural beauty, made us relish every moment of this tour
This article gives the Benefits Of Coconut Tree and its importance
Coconut water is healthy and delicious drink, this is available all around the year at an affordable price.
The mixed burfi contains several dry fruits with crisp taste for this Diwali festival the making details are as mentioned below.
I have been craving for Buko Salad, my favorite Filipino dessert. It makes me feel like going to the Philippines just to have it. Good thing, we have Asian stores in the United States, where I can find the ingredients to make it.
Are you in college and looking for a quick and easy recipe to do that is also inexpensive? Or are you just looking for a new recipe you can't find anywhere else? Well then I have the recipe for you!
This how to make the Puerto Rican coconut dessert pudding Tembleque.
Coquito a coconut drink that entertains the taste buds and soothes the soul!
Young coconut is good for the consumer is a young green coconut. Because it has a perfect substance in tackling the disease.
When we select cooking oil we will consider only health. More over cooking oil manufacture also only talk about the effect on health of their cooking. No one told us about the property of cooking oils. Indeed all cooking oil is not suitable for any dishes. Let us know which is best fo...
It is good for everyone to drink coconut water every day. Why?
Coconut rice is very simple to prepare, takes less time and a delicious rice variety.
I have tried a simple recipe with the combination of three different types of leaves. Just try this, you too will like it.
This recipe for cassava pone is a well loved one in my country and I am pleased to now share it on Wikinut.
This is a recipe that has been handed down for the better part of a century. In essence it is flapjack but not quite. It is brilliant warm with a cup of tea on a cold winters afternoon.
This mix of tropical flavours and Caribbean rums that will bring a bit of sunshine to any party.
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