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Most of us have our first dose of caffeine with our a.m. coffee followed by the p.m. coffee for an afternoon pick-me-up.
I was sitting in a coffee shop and watching people coming and going. Everybody seems to be happily coming and chatting, music on, apples and androids, tablets and touch screens and a cheerful environment. There is no such thing as worry/tension/depression which can be seen there and t...
If you rely on caffeine to wake you up and make can still indulge, you are not alone. Caffeine is used by millions of people every day to keep you awake, reduce fatigue, and improve concentration.
It is time for a break it's time to have a coffee It is time for a break
Short poems-Sijos, Haiku and Senryu on different topics to read and enjoy.
Another chapter in my hotel series. Some people are always there. Every restaurant needs a few regulars.
Slowing the aging process, improve endurance, reduce diabetes, memory stimulation, cell protection, all these virtues are attributed to caoua you eat under the name of coffee. Truth or lie? Men's Health explains what is really in your juice! "Coffee is the most popular drug in the wo...
This article is for the Coffee Lovers who want to order Coffee,just sitting in their house. Just one SMS and coffee would be there for them.
A Poem comparing love with a strong cup of coffee, written over a cup of coffee
My take on the Movie Chinese Coffee which according to me is a writer's delight.
coffee is a beverage which stimulates our daily activity. I thank our ancestors for introducing us to a cup of coffee.
And all those Ills which thou so long hast mourn'd; Heav'n has no Rage, like Love to Hatred turn'd, Nor Hell a Fury, like a Woman scorn'd.
Twenty minutes at most to get greedy and easy dessert with chocolate, fruit creams or delicate. Choose the recipe you want for your menu for guests or for a delicious snack.
~my father was a one-legged drunken roofer~when I was 12-years-old he passed out on a roof we were working on~he rolled off the edge~hung from the gutter~his prosthetic leg fell off~the customer fired us~
I was just editing the standard procedures of making milkyway cappuccino. But not totally the whole way because i use the soya for fresh milk. Ingredients: * 2 shots espresso * 1 shot chocolate syrup * 1 shot caramel syrup Preparation: Mix together in a mug, and fill with...
A guy loves his coffee but the doctor restricts his intake,So I thought in one single life why do we impose so many no,no, no.Anything in moderation will do no harm .
A day in my shoes - starting with a worm that was never mine, and ending in a cup of sweet bitterness.
Brewed coffee cost more that instant coffee but we can make our instant coffee taste like brewed coffee. And it’s so easy. Coffee has been with us for hundred of years and people have loved every minute of it. We savor the aroma and taste of that fresh cup of coffee in the morning ...
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