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A man and his wife split up. He waits for hours on a freezing day just in case, you know
Two poems about winter and its profound calling for men to commune
I walk almost everywhere and as the weather gets colder I find myself in need of defense from illness.
Just as we are about to go up in the lift in the airport, Elmarie calls out to us. She was going to pick us up upstairs, but they had chased her away from that space and she had to come find parking. She's here with Stingley Jr. and Tinley.
Kids school canceled for snow or cold? Kids complaining they are bored sitting inside as there is nothing to do. Surprise them with these activities!
Cold minus forty..Let the cold ones come and go Then all the rest will with warmth glow Now everyone knows
This article is about Thieves and Lemon Oil, and how these two oils have been known to help cold and flu suffers feel better sooner, than if they had tried other options
The long winter wasn´t gone forever, but at least, life gave them a wonderful chance to heal their old wounds
It's late and I have been working on my art all day and just haven't the strength for much more than these few little winter poems.
Outside there comes a chill in the air. Soon winter and all her furry will be upon us, while we dream of summer skies and summer love.
Last night the wind came and rattled the trees bringing a nip of cold to remind us of the coming season. We must beware.
Love can melt the ice (A short story about a couple of former lovers)
The pain missing someone who is extremely close to your heart somehow increases in the rain as you ought to miss the special moments spent together. There is a hidden joy in the pain of missing when you are in love.
How do you deal with the cold? This winter has been a long and hard one, yet if your ancestors hail from northern climates then you should be able to deal with the weather better than people from more tropical climates. My son has both genes within his blood, maybe this is good news, ...
The cold air can trigger a stroke due to exposure to cold causes increased blood pressure, blood vessel constriction, and clotting of platelets. Researchers in the United States also revealed that low air temperature variations can also cause a similar effect.
Some people rush to the grocery store, stock up on food and cancel all appointments when they hear the weather forecast calling for 3 inches of snow. Are we becoming a nation of weather wimps?
Most of the United States is shivering through a cold snap this week. Find out how we are coping with the cold and trying to stay warm.
I wanted to have a cup of tea with you today..COZ IT was so very cold today
You know the feeling. There’s a nip in the air; it’s harder to leave your warm bed in the mornings; you pull out the woollies and everything feels lovely and then it begins. A sneeze, a cough, a sniffle, blocked nose, congested chest and a ghastly feeling that you’ll be sick al...
Being from Idaho and Montana, I feel qualified to help you survive a cold weather blast. Being in the cold is like being in a natural disaster. You may have to make some quick and major changes to stay warm, but you will stay warm. Now, if the electricity goes out...
10 safety tips for pet safety as the cold weather approaches.
A short poem about the sea and people who have known cold and hard days. Look out for the seagulls and stray dogs
Two men shared the trenches in the great war. They became good friends and looked out for each other. One of them died on a cold winter day. His friend asks him what it's like in heaven
A man searches for something, he scours the world on his quest, then one day far off in the distance he sees his goal.
Even when it is cold and snowy there is still so much beauty to be seen I do in my willow tree...Join me now ..
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