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A poem, after a while of not writing anything at all. Comments are open.
It's a poem about a frosty morning. The grass is silver and trees have beautiful white coats that help capture a scene of a magical few moments. A pale sun turns the fields of pure gold as it catches frosty ground. Some see a winter morning as just that, a winter morning. But some see...
Dad is driving Robert and Molly home from the library. They were actually doing undercover work at the curator's house. They had to be slick and tell Dad they needed to go to the library. Dad has no idea what the team has discovered. Mum is the word of the night.
I walk almost everywhere and as the weather gets colder I find myself in need of defense from illness.
A cute little ballad. There's a twist at the end of the poem. you prob never guess it.
The captain of the police department sent Dad, Robert and Molly to investigate a theft at the museum. The museum was actually on the third floor of an old building near the town square. Dad and the team did a walk through and Dad took notes. Molly observed and Robert walked around ...
If the flu doesn't clear up within a week or two, it's something much more serious that could lead to death!
In sickness and in health, .... somethingorother. Sickness... what a pestilence!!! It comes like an invisible enemy and attacks your body until you just cannot go on living. Such is yet another tale of the flu that tried to kill me.
Is it a head cold I have today? Feels like it. Over the next days however, what I thought was a head cold turns into some very serious thing that seems to suppress my will to live.
Proxy War is AKA Cold War is very dangerous, because we do not know our friends or foe
A poem about the sounds you hear during the winter season.
Two children, lost and alone facing the elements of the cold night and the possibility of being attached by lions. Would they make it? Will they be found in time?
Sorry, but the introduction can be located at another section! (Hehe, Mario reference)
They see but they take no notice. They are told but they loose focus. The signs are there but they dwell in their naivety. Is it wrong to highlight a plight that you yourself know just might simply be ignored...? That is the question I ask.
My relaxation time is in my bath. I eat, drink, watch movies, listen to music, come up with ideas, ponder, dwell, dream, reminisce, and wish, in my bath.
I thought this poem would be appropriate because of the cold, windy weather we've been having.
Anna had two options only. Either to get a tramway home or to buy a handful of those chestnuts with the few coins she had.
Max is trying to find a safe way to travel to the old homestead. He found a map at the library and is planning on using it as a reference point along the way.
Max received an envelope the night before. It is early morning before Max reads the note and learns the personal message that is meant for his eyes only. As he holds the note in his hand he realizes that it is written on the finest stationery. This type of stationery would only be in...
This is the first chapter and second part of a fictional story that begins with World War 3. It is all about survival in extreme conditions. There will be compassion, love and strength among survivors. You will see strength that comes form the human soul.
Doris doesn't really celebrate Easter, one day is like another to her. Read on to find out more.
“Deep roots are not reached by the frost.” -J.R.R Tolkien This is a poem inspired, to keep our dreams safe from the stour, let tranquility seep into the stirrings of our hopes.
This is all about snow and how you can use it. The snow is very cold.
Did you know that there are over 200 types of virus that can cause a cold? And it's even possible to have several colds, one after the other, as each one is caused by a different virus! So what can you do to help improve those annoying symptoms?
The ideas to fight harsh cold given by a snobbish journalist aren't at everyone's reach.
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