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Many individuals and businesses experience a failure to communicate, collaborate and negotiate on a regular basis. Here are some thoughts about how to fix this recurring problem.
At the suggestion of our fellow Wikinut author and friend Rathnashikamani, I am calling on our Army of Wikinut Authors to join together in sending out a message of unity, peace, and love to all our brothers and sisters across the world.... ..Let's do something really special together
Conference calls have become a norm across the corporate world over last 10 years or so, and Video Conferencing is quite widespread now. However, handling multiple documents and instantly accessing them for discussion over the latest Tablets and Smartphones is more cumbersome than the...
This is a collaboration poem that my wife, Noreen and I wrote together. I hope you enjoy this one, too!
I wrote Night Fires a while back. My youngest son, Zedidiah, handed off some of his writing to me. Night Shade is a good example of his writing and introspective nature. We will soon release a collection of poetry, our work, father and son. The voices of my children ring through m...
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