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You will never know who may be able to assist you in achieving your goals so building open relationships with people may get you closer to the next person who con provide that assistance. Being an Open Networker means that you are prepared expand that network faster and are not afraid...
If we look outside in conditions for security, we have to stop, it is on the inside
Many are unhappy at workplaces due to negative attitude of few who spread doom and gloom around them. The majority should assert so that they do not have to put up with such obnoxious elements that impact the general workplace.
People tend to behave in a socially responsible or even utterly selfless way when they are concerned with the welfare of a group that is close to them, or part of what they regard as their tribe.
This article is about keeping good Relationship with our office Colleagues
This page is about Falling in love with a co worker
Its been a while writing a Poem, and this time I want to do something different. Normally, I write the meaning of my poems or what their messages are all about in the summary section of each of them. This time, I would love my readers to decode what this poem is about. Do well to read...
What makes us attractive to an individual? Why do we love some certain type of people? Why are we attracted to someone and not attracted to the next person? I had a personal experience in Class of which I want to share here in order to make this point.
I had an experience which bothered me a little. Two years later, I joined Wikinut and read an article here almost exactly similar to my experience. I was satisfied to read it and shared it in so many social networks, but I still felt guilty of not expressing myself, hence this article...
When confronting a fellow colleague one should make sure that they honestly speak out how the behavior of the person is affecting their line of work.
Being competitive in the workplace could cost you a lot if you are not careful. In order to prevent the worst from happening, you need to understand what exactly happens when you become competitive in the workplace.
Conflicts at work are not easy to avoid. There are ways to handle them though.
A working environment is one imperative feature to deem by the boss and the rest of the employees. A harmonious relationship among the workers is very essential. But in this story you will learn how to keep distance and save your trust.
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