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Over the years I have collected some interesting things. The things that I have collected are the things that I have enjoy collecting. This article will show some of the things that I have collected over the years. These are my personal hobby that I enjoy doing over the years.
Just sitting here making up lies. In my world stark reality and bullsh*t go hand in hand. Collecting boogers and running out of gas. Don't waste it eat it all
Silver Was First Time Used to Standardize a Rupee !!
This page is about coin collecting hobby as well as saving coins for future
What to do when trying to get the best price for that old scrap gold and silver, lying around the house. Trusting Internet fly-by-nights is a laughable idea. What folks might want is someone who will actually pay top dollar, and has a physical location, where they can be found.
Buttons are not just for clothes, we can use collect them too.
This is a guide to buying and selling a Flowbee on Ebay
Classic muscle cars will forever live in the hearts and minds of many motoring enthusiasts, perhaps none more so than the Pontiac Firebird
Tips on how to turn the stuff sitting in your storage into money, by holding a garage or yard sale. Gives you guidlines on how to organize, display and price your items, and what you need to advertize your sale around the neighbourhood.
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