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This article opens with a poem about hoarding, a compulsion that stems from the fear of losing things in a way, but when you hoard anything, it's an escape in which you try to lose yourself within your hoarding. The article goes on to claim that when we hoard love, instead of becomi...
Over the years I have collected some interesting things. The things that I have collected are the things that I have enjoy collecting. This article will show some of the things that I have collected over the years. These are my personal hobby that I enjoy doing over the years.
Whether it involves, antiques, reading materials such as books, novels, or newspaper articles, different kinds of card, even receipts from buying or just eating outside, old money and other things that people may tend to collect because they are only interested into collecting it.
A critical film review of The Collector, a film released in 2009.
Keris, traditional weapon that transform into a collectible item
'Smile and the world smiles with you. Cry and you cry alone'. This applies to most everyone and IAS ((Indian Administrative Services) officers like me are no different.
Mayurbhanj is located on the north of Orissa and covered by the Simlipal forest ranges, spread across a radius of 2850 sq kilo meters. The Lodhas are an ancient tribal community living in Moroda and Suliapada blocks of Baripada district. My involvement in the transformation of the...
Buttons are not just for clothes, we can use collect them too.
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