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How did I start my university life? Is it full of thrills? excitements?
In a story that may serve to make us all feel just a little bit dumber, the Associated Press reveals that an eleven-year old boy has been admitted to and will attend Texas Christian University as a freshman this year.
The term, "financial aid" is suppose to mean something. Usually it means that there is financial assistance for college students who need some help paying for school. I believe someone needs to tell the individuals at college financial aid offices that they are there to help students ...
If you are planning to visit Milwaukee come and see some of things that the downtown has to offer. Some of things in this article will cover some of those things that visitors can expect to see in the downtown area.
Have you ever felt the complication of being in a situation of not being able to have the same feelings as the other person. Just a few thoughts on some perks. Something we all can relate to
The education market place is always in need of fresh and interesting materials for the classroom, at all levels. This article is designed to help writers with an interest in education to consider the potential for writing for this marketplace.
The church used to be a safe and a holy place that welcomed people from all spheres of life. With the recent plights of what is going on in the world today, it is evident that people congregate in places of worship for various reasons. A recent study conducted among the youth, reveale...
Humanities disciplines are not given equal importance in India. People opt for either Science or Commerce. People must realize the potential of the Humanities courses..
How to stand again after failing the College Entrance Exams
This article gives the importance of college education. We need college education..
Ragging don't have any good benefits, so students must surely avoid the Ragging and keep a good friendship with the Juniors.
Intelligence test are taken to find out the knowledge of a person. It is the knowledge that helps people to control the world. It encourages people to know something interesting that they are unknown about.
One of the challenges facing Community Colleges is how to approach remedial classes in such a way that it will become effective to students.
Swami Vivekanda is respected throughout the world. His teachings still inspire the people who seek perfection in life.
Another consideration is that the fundamental skills are sometime neglected. An example of this is the use of the spelling and grammar tolls in word processing software which make the students rely on computer machines rather than doing the editing with their own as a way of enhancing...
The use of computer technology in education makes us prepared for the future. Computers as used in education allows the learners to learn modern tools and knowledge that will make him or her ready for the possible technological changes in the future.
This is an article giving helping students find ways to go to college. It will list funding options and college options for students. This information might not be accurate for people from all countries. I am sorry, but this article is directed at people from the U.S.
~ what comes next ~ corners lead to corners ~ I am a man of colors ~ her father doesn’t care for me ~ more that than why can’t she speak ~darkness the depth of her sleep ~ answers in the tunnel ~ I am the elevator three tiers down ~ blood on my hands ~
They are many aspects of college football that need improvement
this paper provides brief information about education in malaysia
A local's brief on major Philippine Universities and Colleges
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