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If you want to create something like a piece of art or a photograph, here's a challenge for you!
The spring has come. It is the season of beginning a new life. It is the revival of nature. Nature wakes up from her winter sleep. The earth is filled with joy and hope.
This poem shares the full freedom of a butterfly to fly and land to a flower and anywhere as long as it like to.A butterfly is also like a guy who wants to follow his feeling by telling and expressing to the girl his pure love and intention.
Are you a painter, photographer or any other kind of artist? Follow me on this journey of creative challenges! Don’t get stuck in a “creator’s block”! Challenge number 2 is “COLORFUL”.
In their deep gazing eyes Shimmering with wonder Their eyes peeking through the clouds And into the sun The sun that.......
When doing a commercial or television show the producers and directors should know the difference between a rooster and a chicken.
Colors my choice they want as they all say my poetry is an admixture Great feelings no???
A craft which is easy and simple as well as therapeutic.So simple and creative to paint on fabrics anyone can do it.
Prologue : I laughed at my own thoughts swirling around her, unaware that she and other ladies are watching me. I was so awe-struck by her beauty that I hardly concentrated on work that day. It was lunch.
Two short poems .One is about a dying River and other is about a Child Labor .Very simple but filled with deep emotions .Thank you for reading .jk
Hibiscus flowers and the plant has medicinal properties.In most parts of India no garden is complete without at least one hibiscus plant.Most home gardens and public parks have a variety of hibiscus plants with colorful flowers..
Christmas is fast approaching and many are frantically searching for that perfect gift. But there is one gift more precious than any I've ever received. If I could just have it, I would be elated.
Mehndi, also called Henna, paste is usually applied on the skin using a plastic cone or a paint brush.After that it has to keep around three to six hours, or overnight and then removed. When first removed, the henna design is pale to dark orange in colour and gradually darkens through...
Want a wardrobe that makes you look your best? Knowing what colours to wear that are right for you can give you that extra wow factor!
Do you know that Javanese people sometimes believe on their dreams? Dreams are defined as clues of what will happen in your life.
Provoking questions for you to share your opinion. Please feel free to express yourselves
This free verse is a translation of what my friend Sri Sowbhagya penned in Telugu, and published in a poetry compilation titled "Krityadyavastha". Many thanks to him for the kind permission to translate it. (Here 'men' connotes humans, in general.)
This is a quotation saying how mundane life will be sometime, but what makes life colorful and tells how color defines your love life
We all love decorating our house but lack of ideas worry us.So, lets see what to do about it.
Variety of colors make this earth wonderful. We enjoy the beauty of this earth.
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