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Everybody have a certain 'favorites' among the colors, certainly a color favored by more than any other. The choice of color can refer to the style of dress, the color of the walls in the apartment or car, fashionistas or those for a space in which you work or reside ... The colors ar...
The Color Wheel is a publication about many subjects. It is a color circle of articles.
This is a poem about the season of autumn and the many aspects of the season.
A poem describing leaves falling off a tree during autumn.
I wrote this in dedication to my sweet little grandson. I dedicate this poem to all grandsons from grandmothers like me. It's another fantasy children's story poem and hope readers will really enjoy this. Originally written 12/28/2005
If you want to create something like a piece of art or a photograph, here's a challenge for you!
This is a poem that hints at the reason why we celebrate Easter and the Resurrection in the spring; it is all about rebirth.
Taste towards colors has close association with characters. Colors can also change your moods. The color you apply on your nail reveals many things about you.
I think sometimes it is nice to write something short, and sometimes the feeling there, in those short little lines can be bigger than the page it is written on.
Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead. Oscar Wilde Inspired by music
Teaching your child to clean and organize their room can lead to a fun and positive learning experience for them.
This is about how you can mix up bright colors in your house, and not go overboard. And still use muted or pastel colors.
Holi is the most fun-filled and energetic Indian festival. It's a social gathering that brings in real joy and entertainment, excitement and play, songs and dancing, and, of course, plenty of dazzling colors!
The Colorful Festival of Holi, (रंगो का त्यौहार- होली), signifies the triumph of good over evil, exemplary by the burning and defeat of the evil female demon, Holika (होलिका). Facilitated by an utmost devotion to the Hindu god of preservat...
Knowing how to dress and knowing how to shop can save time and money and help each person look their best for work, school and casual outings.
Are you a painter, photographer or any other kind of artist? Follow me on this journey of creative challenges! Don’t get stuck in a “creator’s block”! Challenge number 2 is “COLORFUL”.
Sunil Grover will taking the comedy show in StarPlus at the same time of Comedy Nights with Kapil
Thought has great strength and tremendous power that is still overlooked by a large portion of society. Many people even without reading anything about opinions and positions are discussing the matter as if the over.
Colors in life is very significant in everyone's life. Life is like a color pot to paint a picture, adding colors, mixing them, to create a masterpiece of your own. wash the brush sometimes . It is like trying to take away sorrowful memories. Washing the colors is like trying to ...
a thought, a meaning, a true description of oneself...a short thought of being a writer, a poet, a musician, a wounded animal that is cornered holds a pen. Poke at me one more time and see what happens. Peace and Truth are the only answers...
The Bebop Box is a free educational puzzle iphone app. Kids will love this app and enjoy playing with it. As they go through the puzzles in the Bebop Box they will learn about animals , things and shapes. Once the kids start with this Bebop Box iphone app they will never stop. The ani...
Kittens can get into all kinds of mischief when left alone with balls of yarn.
Hair trends for 2013 are designed for the beauty of the woman, not the runway. Some styles Hearken back to the 1930s and 1960's but the twist is decidedly fresh and modern. Every woman can find several variations to choose from, in which her beauty is bound to shine.
Tips to ponder and to consider about improving yourself.
Issues of the heart when we were listening to God's words
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