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Max has been in the hospital in a coma. He has just regained consciousness with Danielle by his side. She is elated and the doctor is amazed.
Max went out to help the flood victims and ended up hurt and missing. He was found by some volunteers that transported him to the Red Cross tent. He was then transferred to the hospital. He is in a coma. As soon as Danielle got word of where he was she had Jake the farm hand take her...
Sam stopped at the food pantry to drop off a delivery to Miss Jane. He dropped off a letter for Max from Danielle and informed him about what he found out about Bobby's mother. Max listened quietly.
Scientists have yet to discover what is going on when patients are in a coma. Formally patients were thought to be unconscious but now new reports are showing otherwise,
It is possible to cause significant damage to a person and even cause death if excess free water is consumed. This is called water intoxication and can be caused by a number of mechanisms.
Life is full of surprises. You never know what will happen in the next few seconds of your life. You never thought that a one fine day could actually turn out to be your worst nightmare ever.
Ignorance rules this world. Yet with ignorance, being like a disease having spread far and wide around the globe, willful ignorance emerges where simple truth cannot drive mankind’s “temperamental coma” into flight alongside with the “darkened ego.”
"Proof of Heaven," by Dr. Eben Alexander is an amazing read for those who are interested in the topic of life after death.
The below article discusses the functions of liver, causes of liver failure, and tips to avoid it.
She is just a vegetable and is in the state of Coma for last 38 years in ICU of KEM Hospital Mumbai. If read this article carefully I am sure you would ponder a while before leaving your comment!
The family of Robin Gibb announced with great sadness that he had passed away on Sunday 20th May 2012. .What a loss to the world of music this will be. Read on to find out more
~here one minute~gone the next~my youngest son creates clone videos~snaps characters in with his fingers~amazing to watch his work on you tube~zoodious he calls himself~I have seen many people snap out~very few snap back~before we are aware we are…~
This is a short account of a remarkable event that happened to me in 1993. I will swear in a court of law that it is true!
What if a patient suffers an overdose? Here are four things you may do when experiencing overdose
~a handful of keys~a labyrinth of locked doors~the death/life chair~seeking through tunnel veins beneath the university~three tiers down~river blood~doubting he can save Emily~Basil is determined to try and find out why~
~Emily undergoes her first Cranial Loop procedure~Basil struggles to maintain a clinical perspective~Professor Grimes makes an effort to keep him in his place~leaves Basil in charge of Emily~
Cranial Loop is a story of lovers and friends, betrayal and revenge. Three young people meet in college and become closer to each other than they have been to anyone else in their young lives. Basil, an academic and dreamer, is secretly in love with Emily. Hedgeny, a fun loving Adoni...
Professor Grimes prepares to leave for Christmas break. He arranges for Basil to have a room adjoining Emily’s so he can keep an eye on her and be free of rent payments. Hedgeny is on top of his game, football, ready to lead the team in an upcoming national championship game.
The following article is about a silent killer and you never know when this killer will strike its deadly blow. This killer could strike suddenly or just hand around for a while and make you sick and you don’t even know it is around.
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