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To find out just how hard the art of comedy is, I took part in a stand-up show.
the way to make your friends laugh and make your world funny
An upbeat review of a terrifically talented stand up comedian. 'Topping The Bill' is 27 year old Scottish comedy great Kevin on to find out more.
...I know one thing's for sure: Robin would love this!!!...
A Tribute to British Comedy Actor Rik Mayall...who sadly passed away on June 9th, at the age of 56. His contribution to the world of television comedy will be fondly remembered within the history of entertainment....
It is about my favorite comedy series the Big Bang Theory .
I've written this page to celebrate the return of the phenomenal sitcom..'Still Game'. A hilarious BBC Television broadcast, written and recorded in Glasgow, based on life in the midst of those golden years of older age. Read on to find out more....
A profile of Howie Mandel and his crazy days in the 1980's
A profile of comedian George Carlin. One of my favorite comics of all time.
We have all had the awkward 'Birds and Bees' conversation, wether at school with the nurse, home with your parents or at the police station after an innocent. This is a short about the first ever Sex Ed.
This is one of the first story/poems I ever wrote for performance. It is based on a place across from my University called the Racecourse named that because it used to be a racecourse. However I was warned from the minute I got to University not to cross it at night as it became the R...
This is a comedy poem/story about my attempts to pick up girls, I wish I was better at it.
A comedy poem exploring a hangover. Waking up after a great night at a house party, However you only went to the party because a friend's friend fancied a girl who might be there and although you don't care, you where promised a free beer. Enjoy.
A poem about meeting a certain someone. While reading requires a particular voice to be adopted when in capital can decide the voice.
Christmas only comes round once a year and I bet Santa wishes he could call in sick.
Everyone's first time is difficult. For some it goes much better than others. I was one of the lucky ones...
A review on the Nick Daws Quick Cash Writing Course available online.
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