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I accidently step upon an anthill and the commotion that follows.
At the end of the Permian over 95% of all life was wiped out. But what caused it?
Diamond that has been discovered by scientists in some parts of North America is clear evidence that a comet had crashed to earth thousands of years ago and wiped out the earliest people known as the Clovis culture.
The moon is a blessing to the earth dwellers. Is its smile a façade?
A poem about watching a star and finding out that it was a comet, A rare and once in a lifetime happening.
" God expelled from paradise, an' I shall merge with cosmos cold."
In conclusion I’m very pleased with the performance of Philips two slot toaster. I would recommend this appliance if you are looking for a toaster in this price range. It’s a great value for money.
Are you a Star Gazer do you love watching the night sky, then you will love the first meteor show of 2012. What a spectacular way to start off a new year.
I’m not satisfied with the performance of Labtec mini optical glow mouse Labtec. Labtec mini optical glow mouse is too small and the cable quality is poor.
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