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This is about renovating/adding/changing things to your home office so that it becomes that special place you can fully enjoy.
A perspective, about how our usage of some maxims, can be simply, positive words for encouragement; yet, they may seem conveniently minimizing.
Instead, striking at the worst possibility with all the directed efforts is the right path of victory. In the same process, it came to surface that successful persons do not find happiness in their achievements, but achievements in their happiness.
Breaking out of the comfort zone has many advantages and there are a number of ways for doing that. Here are a few that immediately come to my mind. You may discover more ways and gains for yourself in your circumstances.
Laundry day. What more can I say...? Dirty clothes, I suppose, simply reacts with my nose.
It's comforting to realize that we do not have to make everything work out in our own strength. There is A Helper who delights in teaching us and assisting us as we travel this sometimes tedious journey of life.
A bedroom is the center of the room. As the nucleus of the room, the bed was the most personal for you. You can decorate your bed not to be felt boring.
Recently I returned to this fabulous hotel situate in once was a rather seedy part of London town. Now it is a thriving and very uptown type of place and Andaz Hotel is superb for service, ambiance and comfort...
Now's the time to step back and ask yourself if you really, truly care about others. If you see someone is in need what do you do? We all can only do so much and then comes God, as they say, but how much do we really care about other peoples' suffering?
Mourning is a personal experience, and is carried out differently by each individual. This is a story of one woman who struggles with loss, and the loyal dogs who help her.
Sometimes life heaps unfair burdens on people. When things seem hopeless, God often sends comfort in unexpected ways.
Healing and comforting! Two wonderful words! See how our stay in the hospital put things in the right perspective for us, as we watched the sick and dying all around us. Then there was our new kitty that found it's way into our bus and into our hearts. He really helped us with our hea...
Love and romance poetry. This is a poem about the feelings of a mistress. Love poetry. Visit more of my poetry on http://www.poetrypoem/shannonfarlouis
There are so many hotels in London offering all sorts of pleasures and I hope they come up with the goodies...but for sure you will get everything and more at The Royal Horseguards Hotel sitting proudly on the Embankment overlooking the river Thames...
It is mainly at this time of the year we all take time out to make a wish
We all want to have friends. Some of our friends are the best friends that one can have. But what makes someone a friend? Is it because they are friendly? Is it because they like you?
We have many choices in life. We have own passions and comfort zones. We need to keep them in mind so that our lives are rewarding and enriching.
Despite the worldwide collapse of socialism and the undeniable and visible success of capitalism , much of the intellectual world presents a predisposition to socialism and capitalism as opposed to rarely ever seen .
Let us make wise choices of lifestyles than be misled by those that bode us harm. By making wise choices we can also nudge others away from harm and towards a life of fulfillment for overall peace and harmony.
Coming out of homelessness also includes choosing where one will reside and consciously making a choice to live in a certain surrounding. This is the story of making that choice.
Oprah's article about not feeling comfortable in her Santa Barbara home caused me to reflect on the many creature comforts in my new apartment after 2 1/2 years of homelessness.
Past or present, public stories or topics will be used to further relate the word of God to personal situations that may be testing the faith of believers in Christ. The page is intended to provide encouragement and inspiration during times that may be tough.
The death of a loved one can bring out several emotions as the grief sinks in. Even if the person that died wasn't a close relative or didn't have a great impact in your life, it's still possible to feel a great loss inside.
The search for guidance beyond the human mind brings faith and comfort to a troubled mind. In confidence we view the goal-line at the end of the journey of life.
This is the second time in a week that I have been to a funeral ....and seen so many tears flow...but have also heard of the Comforter who dries the tears ....
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