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It's comforting to realize that we do not have to make everything work out in our own strength. There is A Helper who delights in teaching us and assisting us as we travel this sometimes tedious journey of life.
Life may not always present you with a smooth path. Even in times of worry and change you can still find some comfort. Beyond fear there is peace of mind, that will set you free.
We all want to have friends. Some of our friends are the best friends that one can have. But what makes someone a friend? Is it because they are friendly? Is it because they like you?
This is a poem I wrote for a friend that I cared for deeply, who lost his little brother in a tragic accident at 24 years old during our time together. It seemed the only way I could memorialize the empathic grief that I felt with him and deal with the reality that in such times of i...
April PAD Challenge Day 11 from Robert Brewer's blog on taking the phrase “In Case of (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write the poem. In this case the blank is filled with an emergency.
In our efforts to be of comfort to the grieving, we often say the wrong things. This simple guide will help you give comfort and not, inadvertently, make matters worse.
You Comfort Me.This poem pertains to all humans, particularly meant for sentimental folks who are for ever in search of recognition and acceptance.
A song for a friend in need of a little peace and comfort
Speech is a special gift given to humanity. Our speech should be sweet and pleasant. It should not be wounding to any one. They should be soothing to others.
The problem of a one year old not sleeping through the night. What to do and how to deal with it.
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