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If you are a fan of superhero comics, then you will surely know about the competition between the 2 comic book publication giants, DC and Marvel Comics. Everyone will be excited to know both in terms of superiority and power, below are the real difference between DC and Marvel Comics.
Marc Spandler, aka The Guardian, created a portal to go home and he had to make a decision. Meanwhile, many of the heroes and even villains were going up against The Devastator with no success. Several new heroes were on the scene doing relief efforts for anyone injured during the d...
Marc Spandler had been struck by lightening and sent to a Universe where comic book characters actually exist. He has been testing new powers and decided to fly to catch up to the Fantastic Four's flying car. Unfortunately, his fear of heights got the best of him and now he is falli...
Marc Spandler was hit by lightening and sent to another Universe where comic book characters are real. He awoke in a hospital bed and saw a couple of superheros outside while finding out that he was hovering himself.
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