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If you are a fan of superhero comics, then you will surely know about the competition between the 2 comic book publication giants, DC and Marvel Comics. Everyone will be excited to know both in terms of superiority and power, below are the real difference between DC and Marvel Comics.
A look at the current glut of superhero movies and the problem facing all of them. A frustrating look at their repetition and examples of how they should change.
Read of a rather funny experience of what Booze can do to a first timer.
Book of Madness : the shitkickin kid history of an underground comic book character created early 1980s, the mini comics ran from 1986 - 2001. From Gregory S Stomberg.
A look back at a time when the most powerful superhero on Earth spent years fighting... a worm.
In a cage trapped and incapacitated he laid. He was covered with peers, jeers and people's judgement...
Updated list of New SciFi and Comic book movies coming to Theaters.
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