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Molly and Dad have spent the morning at the apartment complex. They've been investigating a murder. Dad is going home to view the video of the front lobby and elevators. Molly wants to watch the video with Dad. Sometimes Dad misses clues and that is where Molly comes in. She is k...
While visiting his father at the hospital, Adam makes friends with a teenage boy who has no friends or family in the city.
Marc Spandler, aka The Guardian, has started his training of his powers at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning thanks to a recommendation from Mr. Fantastic. This is the home of Professor Charles Xavier and the X-Men. He's already showed him some of the uses of his powers, but ...
Book of Madness : the shitkickin kid history of an underground comic book character created early 1980s, the mini comics ran from 1986 - 2001. From Gregory S Stomberg.
America's first superhero, Superman was created by Joel Siegel and Joe Shuster during one of America's darkest times. Their iconic character was symbolic of an ideal America, one that she is still struggling with today.
THUNDER Agents was a popular independent comic book in the 1960's. A retrospective of what it was about, and why.
The movie Man of Steel is reviewed in the context of the film itself, the medium of comic books, and its significance in terms of the portrayal of super-heroes.
A little write-up on one of my favorite television shows of all time! Depicting Superman's life growing up as Clark Kent, it's a must-see for anyone who enjoys a good action-filled romantic watch.
Comic books may attain classic status for different reasons.
Tragedy befalls us all, and when we least expect it. When I was a Child I acted and played as a Child, I thought and knew as Children know, but here again we all must grow up! Even we must, grow old.
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