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Wait... can I even find this anymore since MARVEL has all the rights to the Star Wars trilogy of comics... anyway it's the Speculator Age if I remember right and this is but a part of an overall push by Dark Horse concerning Episode 2... the proper movie adaptation.
What originally started out as a brief batch of comics for the Mane 6 has grown to now presently include the villains (the 2015 Fiendship Micro)... So with that said here is the 2013 Micro series aka My Little Pony Tales... congratulations, you already used that title for the title of...
Never heard of the Captain Canuck 2014 Summer Special? Never heard of Captain Canuck? Well...actually that's not too surprising, really. Say hello to Captain Canuck. Bronze Age icon who allegedly saved the Canadian comic book industry 40 years ago... yet has the smallest comic book co...
It's the Speculator Age, it's a crossover, it's Batman versus Predator, they did more of these but this is the first, so read on.
These days, especially with the MARVEL Cinematic Universe, your getting alot of prequel comics. I don't know but why can't I get a good old fashioned movie adapt comic to go with my movie I want to sed. Like this. From the Speculator Age it's the movie adapts for Tim Burton's Batman a...
Admittedly my first review request, today I'm reviewing the first Deadpool arc from the most recent series from the dynamic duo of Poshen and Duggan... soon to be endlessly rebooted by MARVEL post Secret Wars 2015 (if it survives MARVEL' s disinterest in holder of all things mutant in...
Many comic book readers have their favorite superheroes. Most of them will debate who the greatest superheroes of all time are. In this article, I will share My Top 5 Greatest Superheroes of all time are.
My full chart of stuff Angel and Buffy stuff (comics and action figures) looking to trade or sell (in terms of the action figures).
Marc Spandler was hit by lightening and sent to another Universe where comic book characters are actually real.
Book of Madness : the shitkickin kid history of an underground comic book character created early 1980s, the mini comics ran from 1986 - 2001. From Gregory S Stomberg.
So we begin with the first three... I mean first two issues of America's Army... and a confusing #0 issue.
We kick off 4th of July week with your intro and subsequent reviews of America's Army from IDW.
Technically this should be writing... when they add a Comics button to writing... until then the present disposition on my writing comics.
So, for some unfathomable reason you want to read up on American Presidents but don't want to read political propaganda tripe pumped out by overtly serious agenda driven types... read this... then realize there's more on Philosophers (Action Philosophers) than Presidents... read this ...
Ok no more fussing around. We review Eternity Twilight and wrap up Mangaverse Month.
Too Japanese. Not even the Japanese versions of both titles are this Japanese. Also CB Cebulski.
Behold the best worst idea ever. Peter David' The Punisher, unnecessary over mangaized style.
A Final Fantasy reject and a bland generic male lead of a manga romantic comedy walk into a biker bar and are threatened by a painfully thin half dressed succubus with personality issues... as in she needs a personality... Jigglypuff is sure to follow. Gird your loins.
Oh look every pony... it's (Adam) Warren Time... be still my unrealistic expectations.
Avengers Assemble!... an oft used name for many a Avengers title or project... join Zordon Stark and the Mighty Morphin Avengers fighting... Apocalypse... by assembling Iron Megazord for the fate of nothing... Ugh.
It's 2002, I am just getting started reviewing on the internet, and I tackled the then New Marvel Mangaverse.... a short lived idea that had potential but ultimately ran out of time. So let's start off with the opening of Mangaverse month, New Dawn by Ben Dunn.
Review of Serenity Volume 3 and a Buzz Dixon update... prepare to be confused.
Blue Water may be on the low end of the independent comic scale, but some celebrities like them... Lou Ferrigno and William Shatner... oh, and one title I will review in full (Judo Girl).
Updates on Titan Comics' Doctor Who, what is coming and what I speculate is on its way.
The movie Man of Steel is reviewed in the context of the film itself, the medium of comic books, and its significance in terms of the portrayal of super-heroes.
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