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The Introduction and the first two chapters to an old novella I hope to now finish.
Many people have never heard the term "bildungsroman", but most people have read one.
Three movies of striking cultural significance with reference to the time they were made are American Graffiti, Dazed and Confused and Superbad. All take as their premise a kind of one night coming of age, a last hurrah, a final goodbye for friends about to head off into their own dir...
This is one of teenage stories found in my book: Picking up the Pieces: A Woman's Journey
Sampled from Tim O'Brien's "The Things They Carried," this short essay reflects on some of the things that I have carried, the things I still carry, and the things I have learned to let go.
Teaching your child to clean and organize their room can lead to a fun and positive learning experience for them.
At 62 years old my life has taken more twists and turns than many mountain paths, and since adulthood by my own hand. Over the next few weeks each day I plan to post a small portion of the 1st draft of my recently completed memoir. John Grisham couldn't make this stuff up!
This is the continuation of my coming of age story dealing with two boys overcoming obstacles and defeating a bully.
This is the third chapter of a book I've written that deals with two teen-age boys overcoming obstacles in their lives to become friends and defeat a bully.
This is the continuation about two boys who become friends as they overcome obstacles and work together to defeat a bully.
This is the beginning chapter of a book I've written that deals with two teen-age boys overcoming obstacles in their lives to become friends and defeat a bully.
Max's son drake has finally return is call, and they are talking! Where will the conversation lead? A gay father opens up to his gay son.
The fears of a 20 year old, Literature studying female. How being a grownup, especially after college, haunts me and I have no time left to reform the world with my revolutionary ideas, if not with my crude sense of humor.
Five more poems from a 2002 collection of my works to date Poetry of emotions, from my heart and soul.
Short story of love gone wrong and childhood interupted
I go to Texas and my uncle baptizes me for the first time ever.
Advice for starting a new school. Always a very scary adventure but advice to get through it.
A story about a girl finding her way at a new school. The effect on a young girl just looking for a friend.
Eschatology of end times. Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.
After the rapture, Christ will descend to earth to set up the millennium reign, his return will be visible and physical, the day of the rapture will usher in a new dawn of power, and the government will be upon the shoulder of Jesus.
A Birthday Party To Remember, some parties are not for the faint hearted (thankgoodness!)
Birth is celebrated around the world although the way it is, may differ. Here there is an attempt to discuss other issues connected to the new arrival.
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