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This page will include various essays on miscellaneous topics from the Bible.
Here is my letter to America on the recent events in the news.
Those of us who've contributed to, and supported loyally the site known as Bubblews have become quite sick of particular treatment by the staff there. My opinion is not necessarily representative of that of anyone other than myself.
With the new Doctor Who season just starting up, and its comic reviews starting shortly, time to see the present environment for reviewing newest things as we wait for Season 5 of Pony (and Season 1 of Equestria Academy). It's not good news I assure you.
It was once called, "the most famous saloon in America." On May 26, 2011 Elaine's will close its doors. Here one remembers a neighborhood mainstay.
The last app standing post Amazon's acquisition of Comixology at least in Amazon's mind, the Amazon Comixology app has been less than ideal ever since the acquisition... this latest kerflubble doesn't help you none.
Hours before the premiere of For Whom The Sweetie Belle Tolls we found out for whom The Cutie Mark Crusaders tolls... they tolled for Jans Animation through a cease and desist order.
This is a letter I have addressed to a squirrel about its role in life.
Do you know anything about new Doctor Who comic publisher Titan Comics? Let's find out about them together.
This is review and commentary on the voice season 5 episodes 1 and 2
Page is a response to a comment made on information that I provided
This is what happens when small-time podunk legislators run out of nothing to do.
Lion meat is apparently being served in some Illinois restaurants. At least, a state congressman thinks so. At least we think he thinks so...
Just a view on how one can overcome loneliness Can you try too???
This is one of my latest bits of writing. I feel strongly on the subject of the aims and movements of people.
To be successful in business you have to be a good communicator and without effective communication you cannot be successful in the long run.
A few months ago, I wrote an article about comments, in which I said, among others things, that Twitter can never replace comments because not only is it effectively a one-to-one communication channel, Twitter messages are also far too short to foster any form of coherent conversation...
Patanjali says- Brahmacharya is not a discipline, it is a consequence, and it happens in ordinary life also.
Israel, who is God's wife, is the nation that anchors the world, but is largely unaware of where her salvation comes from. This page is intended to guide her in the right direction.
A commentary of the current socio-economic condition in the US from the baby boomer perspective.
This poem i did try to achieve something new, i would like to have your comments on this and let me know, how much did i achieve in this?
thank you page for the real people who spend time commenting and a backhanded thanks to those who spam.
How Cable Companies are literally Confusing and uncomforting consumers.
Maybe I am the only person in the whole wide world who has to turn off the sound when the politicians are speaking. All of them have a catch phrase that they use compulsively when attempting to make a point. What or better yet, where did "Well, look" come from? This is not a comment o...
The secret life of birds--insight into the odd but hilarious habits of two robin's and their exhausting journey of taking care of their three newborn babies.
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