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Wikinut may improve its content with a good bunch of writers that write because they like writing rather than trying to hunt a handful of coins.
. A wonderful unique comments exchange the author experience here in wiknut from another member.
Writing isn´t easy. It takes time and patience and the least a writer expects when they share something to be read and commented is respect.
One of my overseas friend posted an appaling photo of a skin and bone African child today. I could not resist penning my heart's feelings:
I had a brush/encounter/chance meeting with death a few days back.
Reading the different articles well should provide us with something to say on it and it'll will help the author with much needed feedback.
With the openness of the web today there are many ways in which we can publish our viewpoint, yet perhaps the only way we know how well it is received is through the comments other people make. In truth writers appreciate comments which can become fertile ground for future articles or...
Now a days most of the males wish to have a girl friend other than wife, so more people are interested to dating sites. These sites are luring with ladies and gents photos and they are charging some amount for premium membership with that gents may not send or contact ladies.
The end of the year had brought this writer to some period of reflection.
This is about all the good people I met here on Wikinut and how they have been my inspirations
There are some tips in this article which is helpful for you to delete comments section from wordpress.
A quick addendum on the first handyman camcorder, the ups and downs of updates, and problems securing permissions to record.
Every writer likes to hear from his or her readers, if their readers have something meaningful to say about what the author has written—positive or negative. Far too often we get comments like “Nice Post”, “Interesting post”, “Good tips here”, what do those comments mean...
There is someone but I hate to mention names seems to be making bad comments and I just got 2 from her. Deleted them :(
Flaming comments .In the recent hot poetry which I have posted may appear ... I have come a full circle....Some comments ... I earned were hotter than my sexy flame ..Would you like to share some ..
this poem is about a lady who goes around leaving mean comments because she has low self esteem.
This is an actual experiment that was done in 1998. I do not recount it to insult. You can probably test the results yourself by following a similar pattern
The world of writing has changed so much, in today's world we can all make a contribution, that contribution can start by a simple indication of clicking the "I like it" button that seems to exist on so many sites. In truth saying that you like something is so important in the modern ...
Genuine feedback will help us to see our own flaws as well as strong points and it can, but help us to improve our writing.
All we love to find some comments ....earnings are minuscule ....the number who view.... none can say did actually read you...
Having backlinks is very important.People owning businesses are able to record high sales due to them. Here are the benefits of backlinks.
As a Wikinut writer, I would ask my fellow Wikinut writers for their opinions on the accusations of copy catting, which were published today in an article by Cn Writer. Perhaps future unpleasantness can now be avoided.
I am a member of this site since November and I am earning there pretty good.
Spinning girl shilhouette an animated illusion. The girl spin both directions.
Just a view on how one can overcome loneliness Can you try too???
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