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I find it strange that celebrities are being held responsible for promoting a product that they did not manufacture. Should being a brand ambassador have severe consequences?
Article on the Brand Sachin Tendulkar and his marketing legacy
This article is about how a travel commercial can relate to writing. The site mentioned in the article is not this site but another site that I no longer write for
Some of the greatest rock and metal songs aren't even remembered by the lyrics or the beat, but by the mastermind behind the guitar streamlining a challenging guitar riff that has in many cases put a song on the charts. Memorable guitar riffs have staying power and are one of those sp...
I always thought that a small child's natural grounds were the playground, creche or school, but never TV studios for the want of viewership.
With the Super Bowl coming up soon, this is article of things to watch and eat for the Super Bowl. The super Bowl is one of the most watched games and this is an article is what to expected to watch and do for the game.
Super Bowl XLVI is tomorrow (Sunday, February 5, 2012) in Indianapolis, Indiana. The New York Giants play the New England Patriots for the title.
Communications for the world has become very important to us. Television has been a fine art for years.
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