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You ever feel like when you talk about an issue, the more you talk the farther apart you get? Here's a few things I'm noticing about our communication skills. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and join me for my morning chronicle
We have been plagued on Wikinut over the past few weeks and this article was prepared because of trying many times to publish an article. The aim here is to prep and publish all in one session, then if necessary update it and add as necessary.
The war is continuing and causing hardship for the American people. Everyone wants the war to come to an end. There's been talk of a peace treaty but very little information is coming out of Washington.
This is a fictional story about love, war and survival. The war is continuing but peace talks are taking place in Washington. Everyone is praying for an end to the senseless war.
Two-way communication provides receivers with greater confidence in their judgement.
Your Communication should follow the three Cs, if they have to impact your audience. The three Cs are Correct, Clear and Concise.
Mobile phone has made the life simple bringing far from people very close in seconds to getting services delivered at door steps.
An Indian doctor has invented a method with which a patient can be administered a selected remedy from thousands of kilometers far.
This is a short guide for how to be actively non engaged in some of the more mundane aspects of life
This page explores the sometimes complex relationship between parents and their children. It takes a look at how a lack of communication or a break down of this vital link between a parent and child can sometimes to lead the child becoming vulnerable, heading down the wrong path and h...
You want to criticise how things happen but don't know how. Using the right techniques critique can have the ability to enhance everything around us. Yet to many they have ideas that will change how everything functions around them. Saying the right thing at the right time is such a c...
Ever seen that puzzled look when your try to communicate to a group of people? Chances are that you failed to communicate your message well enough to them. Remember your ability to communicate is perhaps the most important skill you have You need to strive to communicate more effectiv...
With all the technology around us today, it would seem that people are really communicating with each other.But this might not be the case.See why..
Global communication is for you and me Global communication is for everyone Why do I have to learn? And why do you have to learn? To take cognizance of the language.
Communication is something that can bridge you between the unknown world and the known world with sufficient information to dish out. Likewise, it’s about expressing and conveying your thoughts, emotions, notions and concepts with another human beings.
Like Skype, Tango Application offers free voice and audio calls for PC, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Windows Phone 7, Android phones and tablets.
A contingency, pleasant or harmful, may arise in our life. It would be prudent to be prepared to meet such contingencies.
To build a successful career, there is need for effective communication. Effective communication is not rocket science. It is possible for us to win the respect and admiration of people we encounter daily and take our careers to an enviable level.
Base from the outline, the writer should now write the rough draft or the preliminary writings. After having the rough draft written as preliminary writing, it should be checked with some possible faulty information. Things such as contradictory information should be checked and elimi...
One of the many benefits of NASA technology; communication. Other benefits include advances in technology in scientific, medical, and agricultural areas.
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