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A single selfless act resulted in restored relations between two countries.
When asked by His disciples where they were to keep the Passover Feast, Jesus gave a vague, cryptic answer. Was that necessary? If so, why?
When the Jewish leaders sought to have Jesus crucified, they were certain that He would die a shamed man, and would soon be forgotten.
While the Communion service may be a serious and solemn time, there can certainly be many positive thoughts and gratitude for the privilege, and the welcome by our Host, the Lord Jesus.
When the arrow hits "paydirt" it is time to enact a New Law for the comprehension of the ones who truly do understand there are no "Rights" held within the universal workings which delegate the boundaries of Justice to only one fraction of creation. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries Corte...
There are many people who influenced my life in addition to my loving parents. While there are several that come to mind, it is the older women who stand out most. .
When coincidences take place that are unexplainable, could there be an angel involved? Does God answer our prayers when we ask for a sign? These are questions I asked myself when I learned of this true story.
The Last Supper has become famous around the world, not merely for the painting, but also for the remembrance of what Christ said He would do for mankind. Today we will look at celebrating the Last Supper based on how Christ asked His disciples to observe it.
Many people think a church runs on its own, but the truth is there are many people behind the scenes who spend many hours volunteering so others can come in and relax and enjoy an hour out of their Sunday having no idea what it takes to run a church.
For whenever you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until He comes. This places a time limit on the duration of the ceremony until our Lord return
He walked on sand for many miles when strongholds appeared hazy in distance, A spiritual poem describing altered states
Since Jesus is the Bread of Life, I will treat Him with as great importance as actual food. I will partake of Him each day by praying, reading His word and listening for the Holy Spirit,
Non Christians sometimes wonder why the Christians spend time worshipping and living lives in accordance to a God through a son called Jesus Christ. Not only this, but see it as weird following some "Unimaginable" or "Incomprehensible" doctrines.
Time is important to keep us on track with our obligations. Watches were not here at the time of Jesus.
God's clock ticks incessantly. It does not stop, ever.
Our celebration of Memorial Day is no different than the first origins; it is a day that we set aside to remember the powerful acts of sacrifice that the American soldier has given in service to our nation. It is so much more than a day to set up the BBQ, or go down to the beach.
Millions of people around the world begin each day with meditation. Millions more are discovering the added benefits of conducting their daily commune within a space devoted specifically to quietude, introspection, or prayer. This article will provide historic insight as well as a f...
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