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Lies, deception, war, demonic posessions, more lies and more evil and more deception and more Satanic possessions... such is everyday life at South Africa's universities.
This article includes a brief history of communism.
All ANC big men loooooooooooove Nelson Mandela and worship him as a god above God, right? Right? Apparently not...
Every minute of every day, for no reason at all, Jews are grabbed on the street, skinned alive and put in pots to be made into delicious jewstews. Some are turned into lamp shades, some into dog food, and some are run over by some kind of vehicles. Jewpulp making vans they're called...
We visited the Queens of England and now we will turn to the only female Prime Minister in the history if British parliament. Canada, and therefore Montreal, share the same in that we have only had one female.
A discussion of religion and intellectual criticism as it pertains to Marx's thought and religious ideology.
President Obama's bold move to lift the embargo and reestablish diplomatic relations with Cuba is a wise move.
An essay presenting the views on liberty and law held by Hayek (leading intellectual in 20th century libertarian thought) regarding socialism and the modern welfare state. A review of three chapters in F.A. Hayek's "The Constitution of Liberty" (Chapters 15-17) for one of my universit...
Kenneth Bae, husband and father, is serving a 15 year sentence of hard labor for being Christian. There have been recent calls for the US to intercede for him and two others. Learn about his case here.
Political Humor: Any time there is an incident which is not pleasing to either the Left or Right, a conspiracy is born. Perhaps conspiracies have wings because they seem to fly around fairly quickly.
Where do communist principles in Soviet Union live? There was in everything, everywhere, but far, far away from ordinary taxpayers.
Who do you think indoctrinated this young Chinese to hate the country where his father came from?
After a month of publishing medical articles, I guess it is time to pause and write something different right? I have been reading lots of poetry for the past few days now and I decided to touch that angle of writing. Some of my wikinut friends, after reading this would exclaim "FINAL...
This is about one of the most frightening and disturbing films of our time.
Banjo picker, folk singer, song writer, social activist, and lover of humankind Pete Seeger is dead at 94. He will be sorely missed.
An Age of Enlightenment beckons us. It is up to us to make the change, seize the day, than let it slip between the cup and the lip. We become more aware of the possibilities with the dawn of a new year.
In this article you follow the long historical walk of humanity toward the recent moment in which all religions and beliefs come together.
Amid the sweep of the social upheaval of pre and post World War II North America, a young Mexican-American with dual citizenship finds himself mixing plaster and later cooking in the household of the great Mexican muralist Diego Rivera and his wife Frida Kahlo. And then Leon Trotsky ...
This article is about North Korea's concentration camps, although they deny there existence mounting evidence suggests other wise.
In this article I try to review the importance of Richard Wright's Native Son for readers today. Its special achievements for African American Literature makes it a must- read novel for anyone interested in the topic.
There is a war going on in our culture between conservatives and progressives regarding individualism and collectivism. Is it necessary for the betterment of society that individuals sacrifice their liberties for the sake of the community? This article suggests that the total elimi...
True meaning in our lives and peace will be possible only through a just and inclusive society. The rich-poor divide should be bridged; now the chasm is getting wider even in communist and poor countries leading to stress within society.
......Do you believe that democracy and human rights should be important factors in......
In a land of freedom, the evil found its way to usurp such, and bring about the downfall of that land.
Democratic process gets repeatedly stymied when elected leaders are unable to deliver on their promises due to endless politics under the guise of checks and balances. Bipartisanship is the way forward to save democracy.
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