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In every war, there are always two sides, fighting and we always think that ours is the best and worth to be supported.
The Russian Revolution of 1917 was really two revolutions. These revolutions were the February and October revolutions. As such, there were a few differences between them.
NEP, was the New Economic Policy pursued by Lenin and the Bolshevik party in 1921. It replaced War Communism, which had been previously in place. Overall, for Lenin and the Bolshevik party reluctantly agreed to introduce a policy that would introduce freer markets.
After the defeat of Germany in 1945, the USSR celebrated victory. They had lost millions of troops, but ultimately triumphed in the Great Patriotic War. With the German army defeated they dominated much of Eastern Europe, and began to establish the Eastern Bloc. That was a series of c...
The infamous order was issued in 1941 and gave explicit orders to the German army not to treat Russian captured commissars as POW's. They were to be shot immediately.
Mao tse Tung is a butcher in history, but has a Mausoleum dedicated to him
Communism has been a very influential movement in our age, but it's real origins are not known by many. Discover the true origin of the communist movement here, and be prepared to be surprised.
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