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There are no menial jobs, but different ways to earn one's bread honestly.
These days, it doesn't seem enough to hold a degree and a graduate will have to take a costly Master to increase their chances, but will they really?
The precedent set by Bradford L. Smith unveils a new tendency in the lobbying domain : to supplant governments in favour of big companies.(1) It is an incidental element from which the new era of lobbying(2) can be inferred. The decisive element is to be drawn from the turning point ...
There is an excess in sugar production worldwide and they are using it to add it in foods that don't need any such as sausages or hamburgers.
Before one is to spend savings on a franchise business, one should do market research to find the best place to establish it and if it's needed or not.
This offer of unlimited holidays in some companies has left me thinking if it isn't another trick of financial capitalism to get rid of employees for free.
What can we do to put into practice the other ignored R´s of the three popular ones? Here are some suggestions that could help.
France and Germany employed public funding to encourage innovation in their respective jurisdiction. Their example reveals two different methods of inciting private financing. It is a starter to understand the choice faced by any sovereign State wanting to stimulate entrepreneurial in...
The French banks are completely uninterested in sustaining entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurs of France have well understood that.
A National Health System is necessary for everyone regardless of one's status or income. This is a difference between a backward society and a modern and fair one.
Know why I back up Amazonia Rain Forest and all these communities that live there.
When naive corn cobs have passed through a big process of induatrilization, one will be having anything, except for real corn cobs.
In india every year more than millions of Students passed out.In 2014 approx. 26.5 million students completed their degree(B.A,,Bsc,Btech etc) and among which more than 80% are still unemployed.
It's a riot of colours - yellow marigolds and bright pink roses spread out in the sun.
Does one think the gadget one's just bought is the newest one in the market? It isn't. It was most probably created long, long ago.
There are many reasons for companies setting their shops in Tier II and tier III. India's attrition -hit BPOs are knocking on collage doors in smaller towns for entry -level requirements.
What good customer service should be no matter how big or small a company is.
This is the idea I got after having watched this film on Bill Gates and his amazing career and why he's achieved to control 95% of the world market.
In the Philippines during job fairs thousands of jobs are offered for employment, but sadly few positions are filled up or there are no takers because applicants aren't qualified. There's a high skills mismatch. Schools turn out graduates with skills not fitted with the demands of c...
Does anyone still think that ageing is a sad stage in our lives? It may be sad, but for many companies is a huge business to consider.
No Matter how hard job haunt is on these days, these tips may help in some way.
With Gmail coming in and rewriting the rules, Microsoft responded with monotonously offering regular patchy add-ons that eventually made Hotmail a very hot mess.
The minimum payment on a monthly basis is the amount the card holder is required to pay for their account to be in a good standing.
Some people get fired because of sleeping while on duty. Fortunately, not all can suffer the same penalty.
Sagem Mobile Company. Review of Sagem the worst mobile company to exist
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