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Husband and wife ... All relationships have ups and downs and face many difficult situations when you think that you are standing at a blind end ...... At this bend of road, u need a companion to lead you ..
All that a person wants is to be with that someone special. Then what else can be the best drug for a human being?
It may be surprising to find the increasing popularity of pet care in the modern world. Modern man thinks that pets can be a great companion to relieve his depression and share his emotions! Dogs, cats, birds and several other living beings are becoming more popular today. WHY?
Valentines Day is just around the corner and what better time to start a discussion about love
Dog is the best friend of a man. This is the popular perception, but it is not so with me.
Having an intimate friend has a positive effect on Felipe and all concerned are pleased.
Love at first encourages couples to spend time with each other, see their faults and work on them together, if we are ever going to be a loving society, we need each person to be successful, they can work out their own way of discovering success, and put failures of the past behind th...
I'm living in a hell of my own making and have found myself pondering the possibility of being alone forever or possibly finding companionship at some point. Can I allow myself to let go of the nasty things my ex has said to hurt me?
Trying to bring an image to life, i wrote this after seeing a portrait painted by a friend
We are the energy of power to transform thought into what you call physical reality. If you agree to our joining with you, you will be able to produce from your thoughts. Our commitment to you is that what you think with intense emotion and feeling, we will cause to happen.
This is a poem I wrote for a friend that I cared for deeply, who lost his little brother in a tragic accident at 24 years old during our time together. It seemed the only way I could memorialize the empathic grief that I felt with him and deal with the reality that in such times of i...
Firefighters become like brothers and sisters around the fire house and each firefighter has their way of expressing their comradeship with one another during the Christmas holiday season.
A poem about the timelessness and value of true friendship.
My Poems, My Being is a space where I write what I feel and believe in. That is what makes me a part of this beautiful universe.
I am a Fish. A typical Piscean. For a time, I braved the ocean alone until I finally met that person who vowed to stay by me as I continue my life’s journey.
Expert says that the cohabitation of dogs and humans would have greatly improve the chances of survival for the early human groups, as well as the domestication of dogs can also be considered as one of the factor of the development of modern human.
On the marital road there is bliss and there is sorrow, but through it all we will learn to trust each other.
Every relationship is guided by one or two of the three blueprints that are found in any realtionship. They are viewed differently by people depending on where we grew up and the culture that was around us.
There's more to your pet than a friendly nuzzle and someone to greet you when you arrive home. Scientists have found animals can lower stress and may indeed increase your life span.
This article looks at the writer and why he or she needs other writers. It looks how writers - with the help of the Internet - have formed friendships, encouraged each other and given helpful hints and tips to each other when creativity may not be flowing as good.
Companionship and Friendship are two different words. Sometimes, people use the two words interchangeably. In other words, what they thought is "Friendship" turned out to be just "Companionship".
I just wrote this one for someone for special to me , i just dont think she knows what she means to me but its ok nevertheless with her im just at ease she calms me i dont feel lost when i talk to her i feel understood and honestly for the first time i actually feel cared about its a ...
Portrait of Mental Abuse Scared Within. Hi the subject in this article is about parents and their children. I plan to discuss and cover a subject I believe that will help you give your child a good and positive start in life.
Access to food, shelter, warmth and companionship are basic human needs. Since time began, people have used their own hands to fulfill these needs giving them skills, confidence and self-reliance, yet it seems very difficult in today's highly regulated and bureauratic society to actua...
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