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Most people are familiar with the cliche, "...the patience of JΘB." But the hardships presented in the 1st chapter could dissuade the reader from reading on, and not see the character traits that distinguish JΘB from most men in his day.
Remembering the good old days of college and how those days relate to today.
It is exactly equivalents to 28 years, seven months and fifteen days - my wife Imelda has enjoyed life with me and with our three loving children. For more than 28 years, we have enjoyed the married life full of beautiful dreams for the future ahead. We have never fight or have shoute...
Realistically speaking, all pain is temporary, and much pleasure is memorable. But the only pain that seems permanent to some is fear. That is what I want to talk about in this article, having permanent courage facing it all down and getting through it.
Even when we might forget about it for a while, we are all an important part of something bigger than us.
I would like to write a light topic today, so what would I thought about morning???....Coffee of course.
We are no closer to understanding the mysteries of creation despite the scientific progress. Our society is polarized as it was right from the beginning; we are compartmentalized in every way despite sharing the very essentials for our existence. Unraveling the mysteries of creation c...
There are people that live in the street and everyday they cry out for help.Do you ignore them? Or do you try to help?
Shechem, a prince of the city of Shalem sees Jacob's daughter Dinah and falls in love with her. He takes her to his house where they have sex but he also treats her kindly and wishes to marry her. When her brothers hear of this they become angry and vow revenge.
A lot of help is needed in a lot of places by a lot of people. Do good to one you are better than.
We have scars on us which is the fingernails of the past. It might not be that of love. Perhaps a painful past but if you are lucky enough to be without scars of the painful past then do not judge another person's scars because you do not how they were made.
PEACE MATTERS: Teaching the Language of Peace to the World introduces the basic tenets of the language which is also know as Nonviolent Communication or NVC. This primer shows how learning to speak this way improves relationships, builds self esteem, and stops violent behaviors like...
I was reading this article about Mother Theresa, and it brought to surface many complex thoughts. Has anybody done any study about improvement in the way children treat parents before and after the lady?
Just a line or two to let you know I am thinking about you...Be back as soon as I can.
Compassion is free, so is love - we don't all need the shiny big everything to be a success in this world!
When life is getting you down, sometimes you need to pull out your survival kit and remember a couple of important gadgets to help you cope.
This is a collaborative poem that has emerged from the ideas of eleven Wikinut poets.
The Jews had a very narrow interpretation of people, and to a large degree excluded Samaritans and Gentiles. treating them as dogs and sorcerer, but we are all Gods people and no one should be exclude another because of the lack of their finance.
A beautiful auburn haired girl is charged with the job of taking care of her two little brothers. The German's are traveling on the same road the children and their sisters is on. A bush is on the road which gives the necessary cover for the young girl and her brothers. A private i...
It is not about whether we could have taken another path thus far, but more about sticking to the same unsustainable path that Einstein highlighted about insanity. Individually we know the direction to follow but collectively we lose it due to artificial divisions clouding the oneness...
The adage - idle mind is the devil’s workshop - pin us down to a destructive lifestyle devoid of substance and meaning. It is more led by deceit, negativity of thinking and action. It is time for us to find a higher purpose to our lives to bind us as one and elevate our thinking and...
The state of affairs we find ourselves in is due to our inability to coexist based on live and let live, give and take. We should come out of a vicious cycle of negativity wherein we take a view we need enemies to find common ground and unity. Life is much more than finding fault in o...
On our spiritual journey of self-discovery, our heart and soul will reconnect with the eleven pure virtues of mankind, which will empower us to live a blissful life.
We are given our allotted time, be it individually or collectively, as species. Our time can as well depend on us as we are masters of all we survey – when taken at the flood the sky is the limit and when the chances are spurned we perish due to our own follies and in self-created m...
A 3 different poems spurred by "World Kindness Day" back to back with a poem about mating in animal kingdom and a piece dedicated to a missing cat.
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