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There is a secret to abundance, whether it’s an abundance of happiness, inner peace or something more material, and that secret is to be grateful for what we already have.
A King, who did not believe in the goodness of God, had a slave who, in all circumstances, said: My king, do not be discouraged, because everything God does is perfect, and no mistakes!
Apple is already receiving bundles of complaints over it's newest device the i phone 5. So we ask the question. Is this expensive device worth all your hard earned cash?
Why do people feel the need to rant? Is it because they want to share their misery or because no listens to them otherwise?
Which set me wondering why it is necessary, in this day and age, to behave in such a boorish manner in order to get one’s way. And I could only come up with the conclusion that like many other members of the Filipino public, I probably think that the only way I’ll get proper atte...
Working in a call center have both beneficial and harmful effect to health. Call center agent face irate callers making their job stressful. Find out the call center agent commonly encounter illnesses.
This blog post is dedicated to my younger sister, Rimah Izabella, for always having a smile on her face despite the fact that she doesn't have everything. She is a perfect example of someone who can make you realize that happiness and contentment go hand in hand. We all love her so mu...
They way people seem themselves in relation to others, forgetting that we are all the same.
Before we complain, should understand that there are people, being confronted by even more difficult situations.
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