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Is it a given that as you get older that you become wiser? In some instances I think that might be true.
Tired of being told that because I am woman I cannot or should not do the things a man can do. So I will complain about it and tell you why I can!
When the interest of the general public is at stake, the government must take immediate and appropriate action to solve it. Particularly, decaying human remains by the thousands must be disposed of properly to protect the public's health.
Life is not easy. Nor straightforward. Still, there is so much to be grateful for. Why, then, do people moan so much?
It is amazing how some people can seem to do more with less and others no matter what they have will still complain,
Having recently undergone a six hour ordeal of having no electrical supply myself, this somewhat humorous take on a poem popped into my head...Taken from a kiddies point of view on just how frustrating life becomes when plunged into darkness...
Why do people feel the need to rant? Is it because they want to share their misery or because no listens to them otherwise?
It is amazing how much we can complain now wanting to work our way through any tough situation.
Yes sex is used to get that attention,there is that complaint of too much in the films, but it the viewer who has to exercise any self control.
The constant increase in gas prices has an effect on all sectors. Consumers however should find other ways.
A study of why the British seem to be obsessed by the weather
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