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When we face hardships of all sorts and much discouragement , it is so easy to lose sight of the fact that we're not in this alone. There is divine help available to us. Many have already made it through life's toughest challenges, enduring far more difficult circumstances than we ...
Those of us who've contributed to, and supported loyally the site known as Bubblews have become quite sick of particular treatment by the staff there. My opinion is not necessarily representative of that of anyone other than myself.
Dismiss not the use of postal services, because they can still be useful for specific purposes.
Another difficult decision to make. Whether or not to leave our beautiful warm state of Connecticut to travel to cold, up North New Hampshire. We knew it would be colder for us there in the winters, living in a bus, but the upside of this decision was our wonderful friends waiting wit...
One of the challenges when working with people in a restaurant or hotel is that some of them really don't care about you! If they have a lousy day, you might be the target for their blowouts. A new chapter in my hotel series.
eBay is one of the Internet's success stories; but are they being fair and balanced in their business practices?
It is so hard just to walk into a store and buy a product. I had a terrible experience at a Currys Store in Milton Keynes.
Happiness is a state of mind, and it doesn't come with swanky cars, luxurious homes or wealth. It comes from within.
Apple is already receiving bundles of complaints over it's newest device the i phone 5. So we ask the question. Is this expensive device worth all your hard earned cash?
One can live without food, water and fresh air for long. However, he cannot live without something to whine about.
Having to deal with complaining customers is a challenging proposition for a lot of professionals, but also remember that a complaint situation may also represent an opportunity; and not always a dilemma.
How to make money shorting stocks that are expected to plunge.
When you take away all the unrealistic expectations offered by the hype online, we find that too many newbies give up on a program and call it a scam, instead of learning how to treat it like a business. Learning how to do business online requires an understanding of what is a scam, ...
A short insight into retail, the wonders of it all!
Why do people feel the need to rant? Is it because they want to share their misery or because no listens to them otherwise?
This article shows what I think about poverty and the people that live with me in this third world country and what I think should be done in order to end this so called poverty. My message: You are not as poor as you think. Fight your laziness and stop complaining. Help yourself so t...
It's very important to look after your customers in order to achieve sales. I was a manager for 11 years, and this worked for me.
A scene based on Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. This was during the part after the Capulet ball when Romeo is recognized by Tybalt, but his uncle tells him to stand down.
A light hearted look at how to spot a good and efficient sales person in a China shop.
These are some funny and humorous things about bad drivers and how to avoid road rage.
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