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Sometimes one has a connection so strong that nothing can break it.
A Love like yours is a poem depicting the imperfectness of love - WILLIAMSJI MAVELI
Inspired by two people I really care about on Second Life and also to a wonderful person I met.
The search of those folks of direct linage for the unique characteristics that make the individual complete and Interest in what we inherit.
A short Poetry verse I have written about emotions and feelings.Sometimes i think we all wish we could turn back the clock and do things in a completely different way and made different choices
Dedicated to God and my husband Troy. About how with the both of them I have perfection no matter the day in my life.
Complete Biography Nikita Willy A very cute Indonesian artist once the nikita willy.
Writing in different sites require different writing approaches, besides making you a complete writer and earning more revenue.
It seems as if as soon as I get one area of my life in order another area falls apart. Will it ever all come together so I can be complete?
I said, I am doing okay.. Though I know I am not completely okay.. I am complete.. Though I know that there's something missing.. Oh yes, There's a piece of my heart is missing.. Do you know where that piece is? Isn't it with you??
Ignorance can be defined as the absence of intellectual knowledge for a certain thing. There is what we call vincible ignorance and there is what we call invincible ignorance.
Just a short story of the love I found and turned my world upside down..for the better.
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