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This article is all about Tips and tricks fro new songwriter who are using garageband app
This is one of my composed songs for God, I hope you like it. I share the lyrics to all of you.
Music is a good string and a feeling to your heart the person who is a master in music can play any music since he is the master of a kind,when he plays people adore him because the way he plays enriches people of all kind thus make them stand where they are just to listen to the musi...
~from the Shadow Danse album~Bloodline~a vision of winter reflected in the eyes of age~the guitarist on this album is my son Tommy~in addition to the guitar work~he mixes the music in his studio~as a father & creative man myself~I am enthralled at his genius~when I first heard this re...
Guitar is one of the famous and most played musical instrument. In every decade and different genres many great guitarists emerged with various styles and techniques. Here are some great guitarists of all time.
Know more about the great Composer Erik Satie and is controversial piece "Vexations" which draws a lot of intrigue and challenge.
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