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I lean heavily towards Democrats, but I occasionally vote republican when I think that they have the better candidate. However; Republicans have moved to be an unpalatable party for my tastes. There are some barriers that have kept me from voting republican over the past few years...
Nowdays, there are many problems in life where sin is compromised with social problems. As a result, affecting the truth of the word of God or the rights and duties of religious organizations under equality and human right law.
How are your relationships with family members and friends? Do you compromise in your relationships? If the answer is no - maybe you should read this.
Our lives are full of choices and compromises and they include how we need to be aware of the needs of the mind, body and to live within the society we are part of. Time we moved as one towards self-realization to actualize our full potential and to find deeper meaning for our existen...
Funny how we all seem to repeat the same mistakes till we learn.Comprimise in relationship is one of the keys to a good one.
Have you ever dealt with someone so self-serving and self-centered that even when you sever ties with them, they still expect you to bend over backwards to help them? It's amazing to me (and not in a good way)! What's more amazing is that they are amazed that I refuse to deal with the...
How two leaders with diametrically opposing views put the country first.
An Age of Enlightenment beckons us. It is up to us to make the change, seize the day, than let it slip between the cup and the lip. We become more aware of the possibilities with the dawn of a new year.
Leaders from across the world paid deserving tribute to a great leader of our times. And people everywhere felt a personal loss. Let us take the next momentous step in our march to peace and freedom to make Mandela's life leave a lasting legacy.
A look at the stormy past or relations with Iran and how it affects the rest of our relationships in the Middle East
Girl child is God's precious gift.But In our society she faces a lot of problems because of gender discrimination.
How to you feel about life? Do you think of the glass as being half full or as half empty? This is supposed to say so much about us - yet often life is not as clear cut, we have to take the long way around to the destination, and we do have to make compromises.
Relationships are difficult at best, whether it be as dates or spouses, family members or neighbors. The one thing they have in common is what it takes for them to succeed.
One should as an adult see how children operate and emulate
Today many announcements were made by media about decisions made by congress and policies being implemented by the Obama administration. Finally an aid package to help deal with the after math of Hurricane Sandy. Compromises "must be made between the two parties" on Immigration Re...
This article is about convincing others and impress them with our communication skills.
What is the difference between negotiation and compromise? Which do you think is better in a Business?
This article is about making compromise with our beloved ones. It is necessary to keep the relationship for a long time.
What do you do when you are in a conflict with your partner? Some think seem to think that bitching and shouting are the only ways to "handle" it. How do you solve such problems?What is the key to a lasting relationship?
A short poem on how to avoid divorce and contemplate the great harm this action would have on your children that you love so much.
I answer a question about oral sex in a commited relationship.
Romance is relishing, but break-up is sad. Something has gone wrong before you face a break-up in online relationship. It is your task to search what your role has been before you have reached to this point of no return. Should you not learn what your consideration should be in the f...
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