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Written for my beautiful girlfriend, a poem about being lost and found again.
Ever been jumping from one business idea to the next, seemingly never settling on one? So has Elmarie.
We are given our allotted time, be it individually or collectively, as species. Our time can as well depend on us as we are masters of all we survey – when taken at the flood the sky is the limit and when the chances are spurned we perish due to our own follies and in self-created m...
Cloud mining to minimise the cost efforts to establish, it is new concept in bit coin mining.
A young lady named Honey from Philippines is making beautiful portraits on Banana's with pin or sharp instrument.
Most things are actually still-born and never come to fruition because we fail to span the gulf between potential and reality.
Thoughts, Theories and Ideas on Exponential Development. Critical Decisions. Life Choices and the value of life.
Police people are imposing fine on the people who violate the traffice rules,but in China the traffice police with a new concept instead of imposing fine on the people they are presenting roses in a new way
Experiments on a new concept are being performed to see if solar power is feasible to clean up ice and snow on the roadways.
a moment of thought, an idea, a regard for others , a moment of contemplation
Ideal Ego concept (Character Concept) on psychoanalysis science.
The Ego Ideal in personality concept by psychoanalysis science.
The concept of unconscious field in psychoanalysis science.
Snippets. Bits and pieces. A thought-couplet, a paragraph on suicide, a spontaneous plan.
I do believe the darker side of my muse has come out to play.
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