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Were you born with dry, curly hair and wished your hair had loose curls or stick straight, What do you do when you are born with dry hair that is basically what curly hair is considered? Some tips to look better
While swimming in the pool may be great for your body, the chlorine in the pool is horrible for your hair. There are several products on the market that you can use, however, they are often expensive and made out of the same ingredients you can find in your own kitchen.
Do you want keep your hair fresh and stylish without a chemical conditioner???????? A natural conditioner is here for you....
Does greasy hair cause you a lot of trouble? Have you tried anything that you could think of with no result? Do not fret, there are ways to improve the condition of your oily scalp and look healthier!
First impressions are created by looking at a person’s face and it lasts. A healthy-looking and beautiful hair tops the basic features of our face to win more friends and develop relationships. Here are some helpful tips to keep our hair healthy and beautiful.
Damage to the hair is usually caused by heat (irons, blow dryers, curlers, heat lamps, etc.), chemicals, (color, perms, relaxers, pool chemicals, etc.), or poor diet (lack of proteins and essential fatty acids). Damaged hair stays as is until it grows out of is cut off.
Make your own simple and cheap shampoo and conditioner. Reduce chemicals you use on your body, save money, and keep your shower clean at the same time!! Even works on oily and dandruff prone hair.
To get rid of damaged hair you can cut it, or you can change the way you take care of your hair.
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